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EN Search your DoP

How to search your DoP

  1. If you have the DoP Number of your Zehnder Group product available, please follow the steps below.
  2. Enter the full DoP Number without any spaces (e.g. 000123456789) in the search field and press "Search".
  3. The Declaration of Performance is ready for you to download as a PDF file.

How to find the DoP

The DoP Number can be found on the packaging labels of Zehnder Group products.

The new EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR)
About the Declaration of Performance (DoP)

The EU Construction Products Regulation harmonises the standard for construction products and their control. It entered into force on 01 July 2013 and replaces the previous EU Construction Products Regulation. The EU CPR provides for stricter CE labelling in relation to compliance with all applicable EU legislation and introduces the Declaration of Performance (DoP). The DoP requires detailed information about the key features of a construction product.

The quality of our products and the testing standards used are identical.